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Accident Reconstruction and Analysis


The FRC team has investigated crashes throughout the United States involving everything from heavy trucks to single vehicle accidents. FRC cases typically involve catastrophic injuries or multiple fatalities. Our multidisciplinary approach provides clients with insight across the range of technologies involved to understand what happened. Our rapid response to case inquiries provides clients with the ability to preserve critical information for subsequent analysis. State-of-the-art techniques are used to ensure quantification of the physical processes that occurred. Our studies incorporate the application of advanced finite element simulation/analysis, full scale vehicle handling and component testing utilizing the best technology available for analysis of serious impact events while providing our clients with the best information on what occurred.

Our Services include:

  • Analysis and Reconstruction of Accidents
       involving vehicles of all types
  • Evaluation of Vehicle, Human, and
       Environmental Factors
  • Examination and Evaluation of Vehicle
       Systems and Components
  • Full-Scale Handling Evaluations
  • Finite Element Modeling of Impact Details
  • Documentation of Accident Sites
  • Computer Aided Engineering Applied
       to Impacts
  • Animation of Accident Sequences
  • Rapid-Response Aaccident Investigation
  • Analysis of Pedestrian/Vehicle Accidents
  • Vehicle/Equipment Specification Evaluation
  • Occupant Kinematics and Injury Analysis
  • Risk Analysis